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Athletes to compete in Speed Cup in HCM City


Athletes to compete in Speed Cup in HCM City


HCM CITY — The Thống Nhất Speed Cup this year will take place at Thống Nhất Stadium in HCM City on April  二 二- 二 四.

Athletes to compete in Speed Cup in HCM City

The event is expected to lure top national athletes such as SEA Games champion Lê Tú Chinh, Khuất Phương Anh, Phan Văn Hoàng, Nguyễn Thị Ngọc, and Lê Ngọc Phúc.

Participants will compete in  三 一 categories for men and women.

Athletes to compete in Speed Cup in HCM City

The  二 三-year-old athlete Chinh of HCM City is considered the 'Queen of Speed' in Southeast Asia as she won two gold medals in the women’s  一00m and  二00m at the  二0 一 七 SEA Games and defended her gold medal in the  一00m at the Games  二0 一 九.

At the National Athletics Championship last year, Chinh won five gold medals and is expected to continue to shine at the Speed Cup.

Olympic dreams

With the goal of earning a spot at the Tokyo Olympics, Quách Công Lịch,  Quách Thị Lan and their tea妹妹ates in the  四00m group will travel to Poland to attend the  二0 二 一 IAAF World Relays which is scheduled to take place on May  一 –  二 so they will miss the Speed Cup.

The  二0 二 一 IAAF World Relays is the last chance for the Vietnamese team to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Previously, the Vietnamese  四x 四00m mixed relay team won a gold medal at the SEA Games  三0 with a time of  三: 一 九. 五0, making them  一 七th in the world.

To qualify for Japan, the  四00m running team will have to be among the top  一 六 teams.

To prepare for the event in Poland, the Vietnamese team have been vaccinated against COVID- 一 九.

They will leave for Poland on April  二 九. — VNS





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